Hook Creative


Perception is reality.

We're proud of our humble beginnings.

In 2012, Hook Creative began in the living room of a small home in Springfield, as two friends poured into a proposal for a very large government agency. We were very capable, but our branding and website led them to believe we were, perhaps, a bit more buttoned up than we actually were (at the time). We literally rented a space in Downtown Springfield for the sole purpose of facilitating a conference call — we even recruited several of our friends to sit in as "employees" — we landed the business and officially began the journey. 


What's different about us?

Good question.

We're often asked what makes us different — it's easy.
It's a strong combination of experience and comradery. We're very skilled and capable, but at the end of the day we're friends and colleagues who genuinely enjoy what we do. Every day at the office feels like a party and we like to think that positive approach and genuine zeal for life translates to the work that leaves our office.

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