Anchored in strategy, creatively driven, & hellbent on enjoying the ride.

Hook is a creative studio located in Springfield, Missouri. We are a strategically assembled team of thinkers and makers here to help clients, big and small, reel in their brands by adding value through strategy and design.

We do good work

Between the boatload of us, we’ve worked with government agencies, donut shops, non-profits, NBA players, rock bands and retailers.

We've worked with some of the best. We've also worked with the beginners, the dreamers and the visionaries. As long as you're passionate, it's all the same to us.

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A good time is a requirement

We're a collection of creators, thinkers and entrepreneurs from around the world. Our hustle pushes us to innovate and push the boundaries of success.

It's important for us to love what we do. While we expect our team to create some of the best work of our careers here, we also want everybody to stick around for a long time.

Meet the motley crew

We know business

We stepped out and created our own product just to prove what we're capable of. Enter Big Blanket Co, the biggest, best blankets that money can buy.

Turns out we're pretty good at what we do. We're blowing expectations out of the water. $0 to $3 million in year one (and growing).

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hook /ˈhu̇k/ a thing designed to catch people’s attention.